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Single Compressor Technology

Visual overview of the difference between the
two technologies

Single compressor system
Single compressor system


Single compressor system
Cascade system

Excellent cooling performance with single compressor cooling system

Storing samples at ultra-low temperatures is always a highly sensitive process, because the stored items are most likely high value drugs or irreplaceable samples of DNA, blood, cells, etc.

Patented worldwide, the Arctiko single compressor system offers the best solution in the ultra-low temperature market. With focus on simplicity, we strive to design products that are easy to use and equipped with all necessary features.

With our single compressor cooling system, which only uses one compressor and one cooling cycle, Arctiko has been able to manufacture a unique range of -86° C ultra-low temperature freezers. Our true and original single-stage technology system has a unique and simple structure that ensures easy maintenance, less heat dissipation, low energy consumption and noise reduction.

The traditional cascade cooling system that requires two compressors working together has a more complex structure with many parts and a higher failure rate, which will affect the cost of ownership during the lifetime of an ultra-low temperature freezer. Our single compressor system has a more simplified structure of the cooling system and electrical circuit, which reduces the failure rate. A traditional cascade cooling system is built with two cooling cycles working together to achieve -86°C, a high and a low stage cooling cycle. In the event of failure in one of the cycles, both cycles will be out of function, and the more parts, the more risk for failures.

Arctiko’s single compressor system is designed as a filterless construction, which prevents problems due to dust buildup on the filter. Dust on the filter will block the air flow through the condenser, which reduces the ability of the ULT to effectively dissipate heat. The air that bypasses the clogged air filter will carry dirt into the condenser, which will increase the energy used in the compressor and generate additional heat for the ambient environment. The single compressor compartment is located in the top of our upright freezers, which provides many great advantages, such as easy access for service and maintenance, as well as an ergonomically correct design allowing easy access to each compartment inside the ULT. The first in the world to introduce the single compressor system for ultra-low temperature freezers instead of the cascade system, Arctiko is delighted to see more and more manufacturers starting to implement the single compressor system, which shows that Arctiko has been the true innovative manufacturer worldwide from day one.

Dual refrigeration system

Our dual compressor cooling system with two compressors and two cooling cycles is the solution. Both cycles work independently, which means that in the unlikely event of a failure in one of the cycles, the other system will serve as backup, guaranteeing that your samples will be kept at -86°C; not at -65° C like other brands. The leader in innovative solutions, Arctiko offers you a TRUE DUAL REFRIGERATION system.

Advantages of the Arctiko single compressor system:
• Excellent cooling performance with single compressor cooling system
• Low energy consumption
• Direct cooling in each chamber for greater temperature accuracy (-86°C)
• Low temperature difference from top to bottom – excellent temperature stability
• Easy maintenance – simple cooling system
• Low noise level
• Less heat generation
• Ergonomically correct design for easy access to all shelves