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Arctiko G-214 Controller

ARCTIKO G-214 Controller

At ARCTIKO we have the customer in mind when engineering new technology. With the large temperature display and the most user friendly controls on the market, ARCTIKO has once again managed to turn simplicity into an art. With every possible alarm feature, integrated data logger, contact for remote monitoring, RS485/RS232 interface and USB read out, ARCTIKO has the smartest controller  available, and of course, all these features come as standard on our units which are produced with the ARCTIKO controller.

Controller  Controller USB Controler Defrost Controller Service Controller setpoint

All standard features

- Micro processor controller with digital display arrow down
- Approx. 72 hours battery back up for alarms, loggings and temperature display in case of power cut arrow down
- Prepared for GSM alarm arrow down
- Auto cycle in case of probe failure arrow down
- Ambient temperature display arrow down
- Direct download of logged data on USB memory stick arrow down
- Direct upload of new software via USB memory stick arrow down
- 3-level password protected arrow down
- Battery level indication arrow down

- Prepared for connection of 2 additional probes
- Display text available in different languages
- Temperature graph

All data logging features

- Integrated data logger arrow down
- RS485/RS232 Interface arrow down

- Integrated memory for 30 years

All alarm features

- Visial & Acoustic Alarms arrow down
- Adjustable high/low temperature alarm arrow down
- Power failure alarm arrow down
- Probe failure alarm arrow down
- Instrument failure alarm arrow down
- Open door alarm arrow down
- Contact for remote alarm arrow down
- Shows all alarms arrow down