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Flexaline consist of refrigerators and freezers that are designed for correct storage of etc. diagnostic samples, vaccines, critical medicine and reagents

We understand and encourage proper and timely storage of COVID-19 specimens

According to WHO and CDC, specimens should be stored up to 72 hours after collection at +2 °C to +8 °C. Our outstanding biomedical Flexaline refrigerators are designed for the appropriate storage of specimens that require reliable temperature uniformity. This is obtained due to properly controlled and ventilated air distribution in the cabinet.

The cabinet design ensures that the stored specimens will never get in contact with a surface below +2 °C and together with the anti-freeze thermostat the specimens will always be provided with double security. 

• 100% Natural and environmentally friendly refrigerant
• Fully monitored electronic control, with LCD display
• Anti freeze thermostat (on refrigerators) 
• Easily adjustable shelves to accommodate any storage need you might have
• Air forced cooling for high-temperature stability and quick temperature recovery after door openings.
• Door lock on all models for optimal security of your samples.
• Interior LED light others a good overview of your samples.
• Digital setting accuracy and precise temperature monitoring
• Monitoring and alarms such as; High/low temperature alarm and sensor error alarm
• Remote contacts

Ajustable shelves

The FLEXA range offers a great level of flexibility and covering a large spectrum of different storage needs. The shelves in the FLEXA range are specially designed for easy adjustments in order to offer the best flexibility for your storage needs. This allows the user to organize their unit exactly as desired.

Air forced cooling

High temperature stability

The FLEXA range has integrated air forced cooling that have great advantages. The technology secures a high temperature stability and fast temperature recovery after door openings. Air forced cooling technology is where cold air is blast out from the top over the evaporator coils to cool the unit uniformly. In our units, we make sure that the air is circulated to make sure that there is not hot areas with stagnant air.

Led lighting

All models in our new FLEXA line feature LED
lighting offering long time durability and lowest
possible operating cost

Lock for optimal security

Lock is a standard feature in our FLEXA line for
optimal security and comes with 2 keys 

FLEXA models
LFE 360
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LFE 110
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