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Arctiko V500/V700®

With the new Arctiko controller, you will get a user-friendly controller. The controller comes as a 5" or 7" touch screen display and is upgraded with the newest technologies on the market and has all the features needed for safe storage of your valuable samples.

The display on our V500/V700 controllers is easy to clean and can be operated with gloves on. Extensive integrated logging capabilities are added with access to detailed logs directly on the display. This controller gives you the opportunity to monitor power and displays multiple alarm conditions. It has an integrated memory for logged data and gives you the possibility to operate in multiple languages. A battery backup for alarms, logging, and temperature monitoring in case of power failure is included. Autocycle in case of probe failure and an advanced service mode are also included with the possibility to show digital temperature graphs.

  • 5" / 7" touch screen
  • USB port
  • Password protection
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Alarm features
Visual and acoustic alarm
Adjustable high/low temperature alarm
Power failure alarm
Probe failure alarm
Instrument failure alarm
Open door alarm
Contact for remote alarm
Shows all alarms

Arctiko V500/V700®

Optional features

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True cooling specialist

Based in Esbjerg in Denmark, Arctiko develops and assembles medical and lab freezers and pharmaceutical refrigerators for the global and health care medical industry. This industry is vital for global health, treatment of patients and research and development of new medicine and we are proud to support it.

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