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The datalogger is a simple and safe electronic device that will record the internal temperature of the equipment over time

The datalogger is a simple and safe electronic device that will record the internal temperature of the equipment over time with an external or internal sensor.

The data logger is able to automatically collect data on a 24-hour basis in an automatically generated multi-level PDF report. It can easily be adjusted to the desired alarm limits and is available in various models with a range from -200 ºC to +200 ºC. Fully compliant with ISO standard 19005-1 Document Management industry guidelines for the long-term preservation of electronic documents (PDF/A) and FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

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PDF Logger for External Pt100 Temperature Probe

LIBERO PDF Logger Te1-P covers a wide measurement range from -200°C +200°C and allows monitoring of ultra-low freezers and cryo containers. Measure temperature close to the product with the external probe and see results and alarm status on the data logger display outside the monitoring area. No software is needed for data download; LIBERO Te1-P automatically generates a PDF report as soon as it is plugged into the USB port of any computer. The LIBERO PDF Logger is available in three versions: multiple uses during two years (Te1-P); 400 days (Te1-PY); or single-use (Te1-PS).

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With its wide temperature measurement range, unmatched accuracy, and battery lasting for more than one year, the LIBERO Ti1 is a flexible option for various applications. End users can customize up to six alarm levels and add shipment-or project-specific information. After downloading the PDF report via any computer USB port, the LIBERO Ti1 can be immediately reused or reprogrammed with a completely new configuration – even a different temperature range. The multi-use capability of the LIBERO Ti1 significantly lowers the cost per use, making the LIBERO Ti1 a versatile, cost-effective choice. Measurement range -35 °C..+70 °C.

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Reusable Multi-Level PDF Logger


Independent Monitoring Solution for Rooms & Equipment

LIBERO W is the most versatile solution for pharmacies, clinical sites, and laboratories. Being wireless and battery-operated, there is no need for a complicated installation. Place the sensor in the refrigerator or the piece of equipment you want to monitor, start the LIBERO W base station and you are up and running in no time. Use a preconfigured device that is ready to go or take advantage of different reporting options and customize the device exactly to your application. For a safe and regular readout, the device features a reminder function and an integrated USB cable. Peace of mind for your critical environment. Measurement range (sensor) -35°C...+50°C. 

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Based in Esbjerg in Denmark, Arctiko develops and assembles medical and lab freezers and pharmaceutical refrigerators for the global and health care medical industry. This industry is vital for global health, treatment of patients and research and development of new medicine and we are proud to support it.

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