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UL/ETL-approved ULT freezers

ARCTIKO is rapidly becoming the first and best choice when it comes to delivering advanced and customized cooling and freezing solutions - primarily in healthcare and life sciences. 

All our UL/ETL-approved ULT freezers are designed, developed, and engineered in Denmark. Moreover, we have 5 different distribution hubs all around the world Denmark, Austria, Singapore, Clark, NJ, and Nashville, TN.

In North America, we offer 4 different ranges of products covering temperatures from -30°C to -86°C. We have a truly unique product line of compact -86 °C under-counter freezers in different sizes unparalleled on the global market.

Our distribution hubs in Nashville and New York are stocked with our full product portfolio. The high inventory level makes sure we can deliver all our products fast and secure.

Products range

covering temperatures from -30°C to -86°C


ultra-low temperature freezers

Together with our outstanding nationwide transportation and logistic partners, we make sure that the end-user receives their ULT freezer as quickly as possible. We are acknowledged across the world for our exceptional high-quality of Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers. 

We believe, that a passionate approach to every project - paired with high team spirit amongst our competent employees of true cooling experts - enables us to make a significant difference for all of our customers. 


"Less emissions of CO2 will be a win-win situation for the environment and for your energy bill..."

Global environmental responsibility with a cleaner nature and less consumption of our natural resources is in focus at ARCTIKO which contributes to a more sustainable behavior. Our energy-efficient products combine not only the aesthetics and function; they are also very energy efficient compared to other products on the market, which means less CO2 emissions and significant savings on your electric bill.

CO2 is the main factor when it comes to climate changes. The IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change) estimates a rise of the average templerature of 2 to 4 degrees in this century, if we do not change the way we use the energy. If the icebergs at the poles melt, the sea level will rise about 0,2 to 0,6 meters during the next 100 years. If this development is scientifically proven, we have to reduce the emissions of CO2, so in other words, we must save energy.

At Arctiko we feel that we have a strong social and human responsibility in both a local and global perspective. We are supporting Danish projects and global activities for people in need, because we feel committed to the society we all are part of.

UNICEF helps adults and children in need of aid and assistance, with food, health or education. We contribute to the work of the Danish Red Cross. 


Lets make a difference together!


The company was founded in 2001 by Mr. Lars Ole Jensen. The opportunity to start up the company came through thanks to Mr. Jensen's prior connections and global sales experience in the cooling industry where he worked for 15 years. He started working from his home until he moved into a small office in Esbjerg City.



In 2004, the first 2 employees where hired to help him with his fast growing business. At that point, the company was producing high performance cooling products for laboratories and the medical segment worldwide.
In 2005, the company moved again to bigger facilities in Esbjerg. That step gave the opportunity to have more stock and also to have the offices on the same site. At that time, the firm counted only 6 employees.



Two years later, due to the need of larger offices, stock facilities and a bigger workshop, the company moved again to larger premises in the industrial area of Esbjerg. The same year, another huge step was made when the company became ISO 9001 certified.
In early 2008, the office building was expanded with larger office space and meeting rooms.



In 2010, the name of the company changed from Dairei Europe A/S to Arctiko A/S.
Since December 2021 Arctiko was fully owned by the American investment fund ICM Holdco, based in NY, USA. Besides Arctiko Holdco owns another 11 companies, all with distribution directed towards pharma, medical, and health care sectors. Former owners, founder Lars Ole Jensen and CEO Peter Laugesen, are still on board as Executives, both having placed a reinvest in the new Holdco structure.



Today the company has HQ in Denmark (Europe), with a subsidiary in the USA (Arctiko International). All our products are engineered and developed in Denmark and manufactured in Europe.


The first and best choice

ARCTIKO aims to be the first and best choice of partner in delivering advanced and customized cooling and freezing solutions primarily to the health care & life science segments globally. Furthermore Arctiko is a flexible player and able to deliver high quality environment friendly leading edge customized solutions.


ARCTIKO KNOWLEDGE AND CAPABILITIES, we knowledge and capabilities provide value added solutions from early stages of design to delivery according to market and user needs.

ARCTIKO BUSINESS FOCUS is on solutions involving leading edge freezing solutions primarily to the health care and life sciences segments worldwide.

ARCTIKO MANAGE all activities in the process from R&D, design, supply chain and sales/marketing in order to live up to user and customer requirements thus staying competitive and flexible able to deliver customized solutions.

Customers first - means we put the needs of our customers before anything else. We aim to understand our customers and adapt our product, so they fit the way they interact with our products.  

Reliable and present - we consistently develop and improve our products to fit the newest standards and our customer’s needs.

Flexible - Arctiko is a flexible player and able to deliver high quality environment friendly leading edge customized solutions.

Arctiko a good place to work - An organization with committed colleagues, and space to improve your skills surrounded by a good social environment.

Innovative & professional - we aim to find the best solutions whenever we design new products, and offer the best service in case our customers need help.

Dedicated & ambitious - we are dedicated to developing products of the highest quality with the hope to become the world’s leading true cooling specialists.  

We are team players - we listen actively to our coworkers, accept all ideas, and aim to solve any tasks as a team, by open and respectful communication.


Our global presence is your convinience. 

Arctiko US Inc.

1400 Donelson Pike, Ste B5
37217 Nashville, Tennessee

+1 615 988 7000

Arctiko Us Inc. Office

475 Metroplex Drive
Suite 113
Nashville, Tennessee 37211

USA Distribution Hub

1000 Port Carteret Dr
Ste B
Carteret, NJ 07008
Asia Distribution Hub

C/O Arctiko A/S
300 Tampines Ave 5, #06-05
Singapore, 529653

True cooling specialist

ARCTIKO is rapidly becoming the first and best choice when it comes to delivering advanced and customized cooling and freezing solutions - primarily in healthcare and life sciences. 

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